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"During a demonstration, masks (gas masks, goggles, scarves, scuba masks, filter masks, and sunglasses) minimize the effects of tear gas and pepper spray, as well as obscure one’s identity. Extremists also employ shields (trash can lids, sheets of plexiglass, truck tire inner tubes, etc.) and body protection equipment (layered clothing, hard hats and helmets, sporting equipment, life jackets, etc.) to protect themselves against law enforcement officials during marches. Intimidation techniques such as videotaping and the swarming of police officers are used to hinder the arrest of other demonstrators. Activists seldom carry identification papers and may refuse to divulge any information about themselves or other protesters."

Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Intelligence Bulletin No. 89 (October 15, 2003)

Write this down comrades!
How to protest the right way.

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